The Jeseníky

Hrubý Jeseník 

The Jeseníky Mountains are divided into these geomorphological wholes: the Hrubý Jeseník region and the Nízký Jeseník region. The Hrubý Jeseník region (in Polish: Wysoki Jesionik, in German: Altvatergebirge) dominates the mountain ranges of Silesia and of the part of Northern Moravia with the highest peak Praděd (1491 m a.s.l.) atop which a watchtower and a 146.5m tall TV tower planned by architect Jan Liška are found. The tower has been in operation since 1980. The Jeseníky Mountains abound in natural beauties of highly diverse fauna and flora as well as of the wonderful mountain range. As a result an area of 740 km² with its center in the town Jeseník located in the Hrubý Jeseník region was proclaimed the Jeseníky protected landscape area in 1969.

Mapa Jeseníků

Thanks to great winter conditions the Jeseníky Mountains offer several major ski resorts such as Červenohorské sedlo, Ramzová or Karlov/Malá Morávka. Other points of tourist interests are the mountains peaks Šerák (1351m a.s.l.) and Keprník (1423m a.s.l.), the highest situated water reservoir in the Czech Republic Dlouhé stráně (1351m a.s.l.) or the infamous site of medieval with hunts Petrovy kameny – Peter’s Stones (1446m a.s.l.).

Hrubý Jeseník

Malá Morávka

Malá Morávka (in German: Klein Mohrau) is a small town in the district of Bruntál. It lies on the river Moravice which creates the historic border between Moravia and Silesia. Today, Malá Morávka has a little over 700 inhabitant (2010) and its cadastral area spans 6 158 ha.The Silesian part of the town is home to Petrovy kameny – Peter’s Stones, watchtower andthe peak of Praděd Mountain.

Malá Morávka

Karlov pod Pradědem

Karlov pod Pradědem is found about 2.5km west of the town of Malá Morávka in the district of Bruntál. Karlov is also the best known mountain resort and a sought after center of winter sports in the Jeseníky Mountains.  Karlov pod Pradědem is home to the ski resort SKI Karlovwith a number of ski slopes and accommodation facilities.


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